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Social Media Package

Ever notice your pictures dont quite fit on your social media pages, we can fix them. All Social Media sites have different specification, here are Facebook's for example. Below you will find the recommended sizes for other major social media platforms.


Facebook Image Sizes

Recommended image dimensions for Facebook:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Facebook cover photos 820 x 312

Facebook profile photos 170 x 170

Facebook event photos 1200 x 628

Facebook posts at least 1200 x 630

Facebook posts with links at least 1200 x 628

Facebook stories 1080 x 1920

Facebook ads (single image) at least 1080 x 1080

Facebook video ads at least 1080 x 1080

Facebook Story ads 1080 x 1920

Instagram Image Sizes

Here are the recommended social media image sizes for Instagram:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Instagram ads Landscape: 1080 x 566
Square: 1080 x 1080
Vertical: 600 x 750

Instagram profile photos 320 x 320

Instagram posts Landscape: 1080 x 566
Square: 1080 x 1080
Vertical: 1080 x 1350

Instagram stories 1080 x 1920

Instagram portrait photos 1080 x 1350

Instagram landscape photos 1080 x 566

YouTube Image Sizes

Recommended dimensions for your channels' banner art, icon, and thumbnail images:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

YouTube channel art 2560 x 1440

YouTube channel icon 800 x 800

YouTube thumbnail 1280 x 720

Twitter Image Sizes

The most chatty social media platform by far, Twitter has more than 200 million active daily users sharing up-to-date news, social commentary, and memes.

Twitter’s visual component is often overlooked, but photos and videos are often the most shared content on the platform. Likewise, your profile should be optimized with the right dimensions for the profile photo and header image.

Here are the recommended social media dimensions for Twitter:

Image TypeDimensions (px)

Twitter profile photo400 x 400

Twitter header1500 x 500

Twitter image post1600 x 900


Pinterest Image Sizes

Here are the recommended image sizes for Pinterest:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Pinterest carousel pin1000 x 1500

Pinterest collection pin1000 x 1500

Pinterest idea pin1080 x 1920

Pinterest static pin1000 x 1500

Pinterest square pin1000 x 1000

Etsy Image Sizes

Here are some recommended and required dimensions for images on the Etsy platform:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Etsy listing images2000 x 2000

Etsy shop icon500 x 500

Etsy profile photo500 x 500

Etsy team logo170 x 100

Etsy order receipt banner760 x 100

Etsy mini shop banner1600 x 213 (1200 x 160 minimum)

Etsy big shop banner1600 x 400 (1200 x 300 minimum)

Etsy carousel banner1200 x 300

Etsy collage banner (2 Images)600 x 300 (minimum)

Etsy collage banner (3 Images)400 x 300 (minimum)

Etsy collage banner (4 Images)300 x 300 (minimum)

Etsy product image2700 x 2025

LinkedIn Image Sizes

This social network serves as a first impression for many job applicants and recruiters, as well as for potential business clients or customers. It’s important to format your images to the correct dimensions, lest you seem unprofessional.

Here are the recommended image sizes for LinkedIn, whether you’re using it personally or for your business:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

LinkedIn personal profile image400 x 400

LinkedIn cover image/background1584 x 396

LinkedIn post images1200 x 628

LinkedIn company cover image1128 x 191

Snapchat Image Sizes

Snapchat, everyone’s favorite app for disappearing messages and cat-face filters, offers a way to communicate using images. To make the most of the platform and control the quality of your messaging, customize your images and ads.

Here are some common dimensions:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Snapchat ad1080 x 1920

Snapchat Geofilter1080 x 1920

Snapchat post images1080 x 1920

Twitch Image Sizes

For gamers wanting to stream their highlights, Twitch is the place to be. Offering a solid revenue stream for gamers, it has become one of the highest sources of traffic on the entire internet.

With that in mind, it’s probably best to nail your highlight dimensions to look super pro.

To do so, use this:

Image Type Dimensions (px)

Twitch highlight1920 x 1080

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