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Logo Design & Fleet Graphics

We worked with the client, Mark's Pool Service, to create their logo and then we have put custom decals onto his, now nine vehicle fleet. We have also worked with the client on work shirts, banners, and graphics for their website.


Wall Mural 

This project was a large wall mural for the Fresno branch of Securitas, a world wide security services provider. Printed on high quality vinyl with a satin laminate, this wall mural was part of a four wall project.


Cutome Logo Design

We worked with the client, Pro Jump Billiards, to create a logo for his new billiard cue jump stick company.


New Vending Cart Graphics

This project saw us update the carts design and install all new graphics panels. Some modifications to the carts was necessary and we worked directly with the owner to get the project exactly to their specifications. There was a total of eight carts with two different designs. The carts can be found at the Fresno State Football Events as well as at Fresno's Savemart Center.

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